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LOU Lookbook approached the Eno Office to create a sophisticated, fun, fresh launch video for their new iPad app, which gathers and organizes the latest social media updates from 150 top fashion designers, bloggers, tastemakers and street style photographers, and allows you to “follow, discover and shop the world of luxury fashion, all in one place.” 

Client: LOU
Music: Labtonic / Laurent Vacher

The Eno Office recently assisted Show of Force Productions and Mark Thompson with the film “Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace,” winner of the Grand Jury Award for Documentary Short at SXSW this year. The clip here isn’t directly from the film; rather, it’s a demo showing how we transformed shots of an empty art gallery into a sequence that conveys the immense scale of Wiley’s paintings. The Eno Office directed the one-day shoot and composited the final shots. We also created several complex transitions between Wiley’s canvases and their historical sources, as well as animated the main title. Many thanks to Mark and to Show of Force for the chance to work on this great project.

Full credits here.

The Eno Office was pleased to lend a hand in the making of this elegant piece for New York Times Premier, created at (and by) Trollbäck + Co.

Video and full credits here.

AngleStar Mini now available

Yep - it’s the familiar 3d-printed shape but it’s now available in super-shiny, high-fanciness Premium Silver over at Shapeways. Go get one, and don’t wait for Valentine’s Day - they take a little while to print and get this shiny. 

Hello, New Product! The Office debuts The Stars Chain, a new 3d-printed necklace. It’s a thirty-inch chain, comes in white or black, and is eagerly awaiting your attention. Order here. Happy springtime!

linkage! here’s a sneak preview of our next 3d printed thingy, coming soon. hint: rhymes with “feckless”

linkage! here’s a sneak preview of our next 3d printed thingy, coming soon. hint: rhymes with “feckless”